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Can Future Pro USA find a scholarship that’s right for you?

The answer is often YES.
Please complete the application form and we will evaluate your chances. 

There are 8 main stages to the scholarship application process which we will guide you through.

1 Application to Future Pro USA

 You complete the application form online so that we can evaluate your prospects of a scholarship.

2 Agreeing your Needs

Assuming the evaluation is positive, we will meet with you and your parents to outline the scholarship application process, explain how we can help you, and fully understand your sporting and academic ambitions. We will then begin the scholarship search process.

3 Your Student Profile

We prepare your student profile for review with our US representatives and selected university and college coaches. Your profile is a detailed appraisal of your CV, academic and sporting achievements, and is supported by video footage.

4 Marketing you in America

Our partner coaches can see your profile online, but we will also market you very specifically to the colleges and universities who suit your ambitions.

5 Passing the Entrance Exams

We will help you apply for the SAT exams. The better your SAT score, the wider your choice of college or university. We can help with tips on how to achieve the best score.

6 Deciding which offer you wish to accept

We aim to provide our clients with a choice of scholarship offers and can help you and your parents decide which is best for you.

7 The Logistics and Formalities

We will help you confirm your placement, sort your accommodation, obtain your student visa, get your insurance cover, book your travel arrangements and generally be there to offer support.

8 Post Placement Activities

We don’t forget you. For instance, Future Pro USA will promote your success in the local press and work with partner recruitment consultants to help boost your career prospects post graduation.


Contact us today to find out how Future Pro USA can help you find a scholarship at a university in the United States. Please complete the application form and we will evaluate your chances. There is no charge for this service.