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A US University education is exciting and rewarding, but it can feel like a leap into the unknown. The Directors of Future Pro USA are specialists in US scholarship programmes so we are able to answer many of your likely questions.


What standards do I have to achieve to obtain a scholarship?

There is no hard-and-fast rule for this. It is a mix of sporting and academic achievement, plus personal commitment. There are many aspects that we use to negotiate the best scholarship for you. With over 3000 universities and colleges in the US, it is our job to find the right place to suit your sporting and academic credentials. Not everyone can be the best, but enthusiasm and determination are essential. Scholarships are awarded on a year by year basis and whist a reduction is rare, it is possible to receive an increased scholarship for good performance athletically and academically. 

I really want to go to a US University on a Scholarship but I'm concerned about the cost, just how expensive is it?

University costs and scholarships vary greatly. It is possible to obtain a ‘Full Ride’ which would mean all costs including tuition, accommodation, books, food and travel would all be covered by the university. More typically, the scholarship will be a few thousand dollars each year. It all depends on your academic and athletic credentials. Overall, University in America is a slightly lower cost and much better value than the UK.

What are NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA?

National Collegiate Athletic Association

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

National Junior College Athletic Association

These are the governing bodies involved with College Sport in America. Every college or university with competitive athletics will be governed by one of these. The NCAA is the largest governing body in the world and naturally, it is a complex process to be cleared to compete. Future Pro USA will help you through this process and make things as easy as possible.

Why do I need to use an agency like Future Pro USA to secure a scholarship in America?

It is difficult to imagine just how competitive this market is. University coaches will receive 200+ applications a week from individual prospective athletes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these are not even opened. Coaches simply don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of applications and try to quantify the talent of each. Coaches trust that we have assessed your ability and are confident in our judgement – remember, we have our reputation to upkeep too!