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Thomas Gray - Soccer Scholar at William Carey University (NAIA)

From the first time I got in contact with Future Pro USA, to the time I signed the forms with my university, the experience has been completely professional and personal. I felt my interests were put first and the company did their utmost to find the perfect fit. Any questions I asked were always answered and I had a variety of universities to choose from. Brad did a great job of finding me a team that not only provided a challenging standard but also provided a level which I feel I can excel at. I also received feedback from my coach that Future Pro USA was one of the best companies he had worked with as they provided players that fit the standard and positions needed therefore making the coaches job easier. Overall Future Pro USA has given me the chance to further my soccer career as well as allowing me to continue with my academics, I would thoroughly recommend taking the opportunity of going to the states as you will not regret it.